The Clanging Gong

The Clanging Gong

1 Corinthians 13:1 says…

And now I will show you the most excellent way.

If I speak in the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging symbol.

Many times when we think about the word love, we purely associate is with a singular kind of feeling, an emotion.  We say I love…often.  I love ice cream, I love dogs, I love the fall weather, I love…whatever or whoever it may be.

It’s definitely a well used term & mis-diagnosed adjective, that flops out of our mouths pretty often.

they word love in this scripture is talking about something other than the emotion.  It’s speaking about something deeper, something mystical and courageous.  It is referring to an action that people choose when they are indebted to something great…something that is worth every word.

This word, Love, defines a Christians response prompted by a duty of their soul that is bound by allegiance to the Creator God.  It’s something to be done…not just casual talk or rambling but a precise way to convey a message that is wrapped around a beautiful relationship with their friend, Christ Jesus.

You can speak about God all day.  You can talk about His Word and His miraculous history.  You can proclaim in His name, and shout all day from daybreak to bountiful rest and just be a noisy nuisance.  If you do not contain love when you do it…lets re-phrase…If you do not contain His priority and presence when you do it, you are certainly wasting great testimony and effectiveness.

God is love

That’s hard to wrap our minds around if you really sit in it for awhile and try to envision what that truth means when you look around the world.  We’ve heard it before and read over it so quickly, but it’s true.

If you really enjoy reading, writing, or speaking let me encourage you by saying this.  If you only do those things in the presence of God, inviting Love to each meeting, every appointment, each deadline that you have, You will not fail the priority of GodBut if you fill up your calendar and trudge along with Jesus as your side-kick, there will be a time of great humbling…and some will say you just write to write, and talk to talk, and you kinda sound like a clanging gong.  If you heart is like mine, that would be the most detrimental feeling, to hear rumor that you only do things for your glory & not His.

Let’s take time today to redirect our focus.  I’ll go first.

Thank you for reading today and swinging by week after week.  The goal here is always to bring glory to our already famous God..the God of Love, Our God who is Love.  I never want to sound like a screeching bad tune.  Let’s choose to only talk, write, speak, do anything within the presence of God, who while present brings about Love, because it’s just who He is.

It is the most excellent way!

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  1. God’s love is still an amazement to me. In all His glory, it astounds me that in my darkest moments, ugliest attitudes and periods of doubt, He picks me up and gets me back on track. To love Him and serve Him. Thanks for hosting another week. Wonderful and encouraging post.

  2. Amy, what important questions: “Am I doing things for His glory or mine?” “Am I loving biblically?” Thanks for challenging us to think about such important subjects and thanks for hosting each week. Blessings!

  3. SO in need of this more excellent way today!
    First words to my 16 year old this morning: You didn’t get much done on your paper last night, huh?
    He graciously wished me a good morning, and I back pedaled, but wow. When our minds are going a hundred miles an hour, we need to be plugged in to the Source of real, everyday, boots on the ground love.
    Blessings, Amy, and thanks for persevering through all the technical stuff so that you can greet us here each week.

  4. Amy, this is a very beautiful and powerful message you’ve shared here, Love! Probably my favorite from you thus far. Thank you so much for this! It’s truly been a blessing to visit and link-up with you, beautiful friend! GOD bless you! 🙂

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