Smart Gift Giving…some of my favorites

In less than a month from now the kids will be running down the stairs, the floor will be covered in ripped wrapping paper, and the cat will be hiding under the chair wondering what just happened to our normal quiet morning routine.  Christmas morning is almost here!

I am a huge procrastinator with buying gifts & everyone here knows it.  I usually wait until 3 days before and pay the highway robbery overnight shipping.  I race through our local department store on Christmas Eve, along with all the other parents who put it off, showing my fake festive smile & desperate attempt to be holiday Mom of the year at home.

I’ve just never enjoyed it really.  It’s like being in busy traffic…I don’t like the rush, the sales, the crowds, the withdraws from my account that we so earnestly try to keep something in.  So, I have formed a plan…a list.  A small compilation of my idea of shopping with ease.  The thing that helps me most is online shopping & products that I really really love.  Products that I would buy anyway.  Products that have meaning, gifts with purpose, something that will have use over and over again.

That is why I thought I would share my smart gift giving links and tell you all of my favorite items!

No, I do not get any kick-back for any endorsing done here.  I did get a kiss on the cheek from my sister, as a thank you for sharing her business, but other than that, I’m just a Momma trying not to overcrowd my house with junk; and who wants to spend money a bit wiser this year.

I’m picky what I buy my kids, they have more toys then an overstocked day a the local Goodwill.  They are good on clothes as well.  I usually revert to buying what I don’t want to buy for them…toys and clothes!  This year however I am going to focus more on books and fun necessities.  I are probably thinking books are boring, they sure cant warrant the same reaction as unwrapping a new iPhone.  For the big day I’m sure you want to open doll houses, monster trucks, and lego towers BUT these books are super nice & a great alternative, easy for me…my boys really like them.

My sister is a UsBorne Books Distributor.

I’m an ex-homeschooling Mom so books are in abundant in our home but some of these books are more like toys.

The Shine A Light Series books are fantastic.  The gist is that you read the page, then shine a light..flashlight, light from phone, etc; on the back side of the page and secret pictures come through.  Oooohh Ahhhhh.. the kids love it.

They also have the Look Inside books on several subjects containing bright pictures and lots of information.

My kiddos particularly liked the pop up jungle book.  Everyday…hundreds of times a day, they would bring me the jungle book so I could read it with big expressions while turning each page allowing monkeys, tigers, and other jungle creatures to JUMP out at them.  Recently I found the monkey, snake, and part of the Lion’s jaw on the floor in the play room.  My boys!!  Mighty jungle warriors!!

parental supervision on pop up books suggested  (smile!)

There are hundreds of books to choose from, and lots of videos online that give you a look at them in detail so you know what you are buying before buying.  Here is a link to her site if you would like to tromp around and check things out:  UsBorne Books

Another New favorite of mine is Exfolia Ministries

smart gift giving My daughter is just at that age that makeup is NOT going to happen but tinted lip gloss, salt scrubs, & body creams can happen.

The line of products are unique, fresh, and for a lack of better words…cool!

My first shipment came in & I was in love!  I bought body butter for my toddler with extreme excema, and 1 body butter for me.  I bought a salt scrub for a gift, and one salt scrub for me.  I bought one roll-on oil for a gift, and one for me.  I bought one lip gloss as a gift…and well, 3 for me.  Are you seeing my trend?

I honestly love it all.  I adore that it’s made as a family at a local kitchen table, that it’s a family activitiy…trying new things with the kids.

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