The Pleading Ruler & His Dead Daughter


Jairus’ baby girl was dying. His only daughter, a 12 yr old apple of his eye, was struggling to sustain her life.  His only chance was to plead for someone to heal her, someone who had the ability.  This wasn’t easy considering Jairus was a well known leader/teacher in the community and didn’t normally need to plead to anyone for anything. This was different though, this was out of his reach..out of his control..out of his power. He loved this girl and was willing to do what it took to attain hope for his sweet one.
The pleading ruler went to Jesus, fell down…because that’s what pleading people do, and begged. But he was interrupted.

Another need arose that claimed the Healers attention and Dairus stay on the ground, assuming a posture of despair. While Jesus was finishing up healing the heart & body of women who had chronic bleeding, & explaining to her that faith was the key power agent in her healing, a man rushed over from Dairus’ house & told the ruler his daughter was dead.

In his most passionless solemn of voices, the man said, “don’t bother the teacher anymore…”  A big sigh, through tears and disappointment, he had came to Dairus to simply pick him up off the ground and tell him it was over.

Don’t bother seeking hope, don’t bother having faith, what’s done is done…and it is completely over.  There is nothing more to do.

This perked Jesus’ ears.

Jesus says two things to the pleading ruler.

#1. Don’t be scared
#2. Believe

So, Jesus most likely reached his hand out to the wretched man, helped him lift up his heavy load of a body, and walked with him to his home where the girl lay lifeless.

When they arrive at the man’s house Jesus tells everyone to stay outside except the girls mother & father and 3 of Jesus’ friends.  The 6 of them go in to the dead girl.

Here is a quick run down of what happens next:

All of them begin to cry.
Jesus tells them to stop it.
He says, “She is not dead, she is only sleeping.”
They begin to laugh at Jesus.
They start ridiculing him, all of them.
He makes them all go outside.
He grabs the little girls hand.
Jesus tells her to get up.
Her spirit returns to her.
She gets up.
She’s hungry and eats probably the best meal of her life.

End of story.

And there you have it… a great equation stuck right in the middle of Luke Chapter 8.


For thousands of years the Spirit of God has renewed the spirit of man.  As Jesus enters any situation, regardless of the degree of tragedy, He brings hope, life, peace, and sometimes a really good dinner.  It doesn’t matter what your past contains or how much despair lays right in front of you; Jesus can transform it into something that brings life! 

As the crowd laughs on at your faith, shut the door.  PUT THEM OUTSIDE!
Stand next to the bed and watch Jesus take the hand of something that’s overcome with death and call it into life.  Don’t miss the moment.  Don’t be cast outside with the unbelieving bunch; stay close to Jesus and watch His voice conquer all bondage and burden.

You can be the witness to what He’s been doing all along, through all of time…creating hope!
Whatever you are facing…set your pride aside and run to the Hope-Carrier, Dream-Maker, Life-Giver.
He is Jesus.


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