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From Concentration Camp to Abortion Clinic -A Personal Interview With Eva Edl

From Concentration Camp to Abortion Clinic

A personal interview with Eva Edl

Why would an 82 year old women who survived the gruesome concentration camps of WWII block the doors to an abortion clinic last weekend in Kentucky and insist on being arrested?

This question and others, raised my curiosity as I watched the events unfold online the Saturday before Mother’s Day.

At the last surgical abortion clinic in Kentucky, 10 people stationed themselves on the concrete in front of the main entrance, letting women know that on this day- they were not going to get an abortion.

Eva Edl was one of these people.

In a private interview with Eva I learned why she was there that day, what her reasoning was for the numerous times she has been arrested, as well as her thoughts on abortion in general.

Her background is saturated with heartbreak, horror, and deep suffering.  As soon as she started to speak with her unique accent, she intrigued my heart.

At age nine, Eva was captured and put into a death camp separated from her mother and siblings.  The commitment of her mother to find her scattered children, ignited a story that is like no other.  Eva’s mother broke into and out of camps in an attempt to find her family.  Once they were gathered together they made the daring escape across several European borders eventually crossing into Austria where they had the challenge to survive for eight years until they could move to the United States.

Their incredible deliverance and treacherous journey to stay alive gave Eva a high regard for Jesus and the value of human life.

In 1988 Eva discovered something while watching TV that she had never noted before.  She witnessed an organized “Rescue” happening in Atlanta.  Thousands of people were gathered in front of an abortion clinic, willing to be arrested for the cause of protecting preborn children.  The existence of abortion clinics and the work of those who wanted to shut them down both were a new revelation to her.

She was mortified to know that American women deliberately authorized the killing of their sons and daughters and decided that she was going to participate in a “Rescue” in Atlanta, Georgia.

This was the first time Eva was arrested as an attempt to rescue children from death.  She has now been arrested over 40 times.

I had many questions for Eva about her experiences, here is a summary of the interview that will affect my me the rest of my life.

This begins the interview:

Amy-  “Why did you feel it was time to do a Rescue?”

Eva-  “Going there was an act of obedience for me, an act of worship. God requires us to risk it all for our brethren, that’s what I was doing.”

Amy-  “Why do you think most people don’t get involved in stopping abortion?”

Eva-  “Fear.  Most people do not get involved because they are afraid.  It may cost them money, or if they go to jail it could be a federal offense.  There are many who also feel that the unborn are not as human as the born.  Even if they are pro-life, they feel this way. 

If a young child was being murdered in my front yard I would not stop to make a poster and stand there with it.  I would choose to put my body between the child and the one who was harming him.  In the same way, I can’t go to the abortion clinic and just stand there knowing that they are tearing apart little children inside that building.  I must do all I’m able to do.” 

Amy-  “Why did you go that specific day?”

Eva-  “We were told that the Saturday before Mother’s Day was the biggest killing day of the year.  Kentucky is also fertile ground for abortion to be abolished; I believe that the state would prosper if they stopped abortion.”

Amy-  “How do you feel about current abortion laws?”

Eva-  “Incrementalism is giving seeming approval to kill pre-born children in a certain way or at a certain age which is not specifically outlawed.  If we make laws that do not restrict abortions from the moment the sperm and ovum unite, and the spark of life happens, we use pragmatism over God’s command.  God cannot honor this.

We are more than flesh, blood, and bones; we are also spirit.  Col. 2: 9 says that the fullness of God was present in the body of Jesus.  That means all of God was present in Mary’s womb at the moment of conception, not after Jesus was born or any stage of his body’s development in the womb.  We were made in the image of God according to Genesis 9:5-6, and God expects us to follow His law, not incrementalism.

Amy-  “What would you say to those who are afraid?”

Eva-  “Fear is a form of self-preservation.  As a Christian you cannot use that excuse.  We are called to lay down our lives.  We have no choice according to God’s Word.  

There is always revival happening when someone steps out of their fear and walks in faith. During my time in the death camp, people who heard about us were against what was being done to us.  They were weeping and complaining, but everyone was too scared to act.”

Amy-  “What about the Christians, and why do you think they do not get involved?”

Eva-  “When I was sent to the camp, I believe, if all the Christians would have gathered at that gate to keep our train from transporting us in, we might have been saved.  I’m sure some would have been killed to frighten the rest, but my government would have backed down.  

One time when I was outside the camp a man saw me outside his house.  He went back in and got a piece of bread, threw it to me, and then slammed the door behind him.  He wasn’t a bad man, he was just afraid.  Many Christians in our country are like that man, they wish to do something but are too afraid of the possible consequences.”

Amy-  “When you think of the death camps and how they treated human life there, do you see similarities here or differences.  How much different is it here in this regard?”

Eva-  “People in my country went to church and were fine as long as they did not resist the ungodly acts of their government.  So, what’s different in America you ask?   …NOTHING is different here.  People still go to church and make themselves busy with their lives, and don’t get involved.  Life for them goes on as normal too.

The first time I was arrested in Atlanta I thought about the 6,000 churches around that city.  I thought that if just one person from each church would come to the clinics, that would be 6,000 people being arrested every day.  They would close the clinics down in no time if they had to arrest 6000 people a day.  I just knew that they would close, but no one came.”

Amy-  “Did you have any concerns during the arrest in Kentucky?”

Eva-  “I was concerned about my girls.  In my group there were three teenage girls, ages 16 to 19.  One of them was young Eva my namesake who I knew was OK…She had already smuggled Bibles into China, so she wasn’t afraid of the arrest.  But I didn’t want to be separated from them and let them be alone in jail.  

I had been arrested before them but was let go again.  It seems that one of the officers did not have the heart to handcuff me.  He was overheard to have said, “I don’t have the heart to do it.” I kept asking the officers, “where are my girls?…”

One officer told me that he would find them and then come get me.  I thought he was lying so I went back over to the clinic to block the door again.  However the pro-aborts blocked me and wouldn’t let me get back to the door.  I kept insisting and saying, “Where are my girls?” The police finally gave up and said, “Might as well arrest her now.”
I know most people don’t deliberately try to get arrested, but I was not going to abandon my girls to be alone in jail.”

“Incrementalism is giving seeming approval to kill pre-born children in a certain way or at a… Click To Tweet

Amy-  “Some have said that this type of strategy was not effective, what would you say to them?”

Eva-  “Obedience to God is true success.  We offer our obedience to Him and trust Him to accomplish His purpose.  We may not know the effect of our simple act till we enter eternity.  

What would I say to the people?  I would tell them that it is between themselves and God.  He chooses what work He would have each person do.  If you feel it is wrong then don’t do it, but if you feel God wants you to do it…well, do it. 

For me it would be a sin of omission if I didn’t put my body between the killing place and the little ones to be killed.  I know it is what I should do and if I didn’t, for me it would be a sin against God. 

When my mother escaped her hard labor camp in order to search for us, the camp commandant went on horseback with several guards to apprehend her.  He said that he was going to tie her between four horses, quarter her, and drag the pieces back to his camp.  He was going to make an example out of her and send a message to the other inmates that no one escapes his camp.
People are horrified to hear this about my mother’s situation but this is exactly what happens every day in the abortion clinics.  Little human beings are torn apart each day; the method is only different.  That is the reason why I can’t just stand there.  I know God holds me responsible to do more.”

My conclusion from speaking with Eva is that the Mother’s Day Rescue in Kentucky was a brave act of kindness.  This event required courageous people who were willing to go to great lengths to save the lives of children.  That day the nation was inspired to love others more than yourselves.  This country was also reminded that the majority of us still remain blind to the truth…  ABORTION IS MURDER!

Eva went on to say that every person has to make the decision if they are going to obey God, or obey man. God may ask different things from each of us, and it is up to us to follow Him.

She sadly believes that she might die before she sees the end of abortion in our nation.  She is hopeful in Christ alone.

She closed our interview with this statement…

“I still feel I haven’t done enough.  I care for the moms.  I care for the families.  And honestly I would rather be home gardening in my flower bed, but if I did… I just couldn’t live with myself.”

Eva Edl will be joining Hoosiers for Life as a keynote speaker at our summer event in July.

If you would like to hear more about Eva’s story and her involvement in the lives of children, please email Hoosiers for Life at info@hoosiers4life.com or go to www.hoosiers4life.com/contact


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