Pray for me

Have you ever asked someone if you could pray for them say.."Nah, I'm good!"That's happened quite a bit lately.I've seen it personally and watched it from afar.God fearing people saying, "I don't have anything I need prayer for, thanks anyway."What!!Give me some of that water!  That drink of I never have another need, I'm totally … [Read more...]

Community Women’s Conference

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I don’t want to share Heaven with HER!

Here I am all lovin' on Jesus, raising my hands in the air, singing my heart out like He's right above me smiling down and so pleased.  Just ready to do His will, whatever He may ask of me...send me where you want me to go, tell me what you would have me do, I'm ready to say yes to anything you want Lord!!!....then she walks in.What is she … [Read more...]

Life…Out Loud + #LookingUp

Something happened to me this year that I didn't anticipate. Some of my fears have been miraculously replaced with faith. Not just faith; but a ferocious form of faith & boldness, that has me struggling to keep a tight reign on my tongue. Sounds like a miracle to me :) My holding back, being lazy, and blatant disobedience is wilting … [Read more...]

Listen Learn Love: Book Review + #LookingUp

by Susie Albert MillerHow to Dramatically Improve Your Relationships in 30 Days or Less!Could your work relationships use some fine-tuning?Are your friendships not quite what you would like them to be?Does your marital connection with your spouse need revived?If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may benefit greatly from reading … [Read more...]

Praying Upside Down Book Review

by Kelly O' Dell Stanley A creative prayer experience to transform your time with God When you talk to God, do you ever wonder if He hears?  Do your prayers feel uninspired or routine?  Do you sometimes feel like you don't even know how to pray? Try praying upside down.Kelly O' Dell Stanley uses her history of visual … [Read more...]

Fearlessly Living Afraid

Everyone has something they're afraid of.  Some common fears I can list are being scared of heights, big crowds, driving in fast traffic, flying, speaking in public...etc.  They tend to make your heart beat just a bit faster and your palms sweat, bearing witness to your anxiousness.  It is normal to have a fear of something; … [Read more...]

At What Price? by s.a. Morgan #LookingUp 7

Thank you Amy for allowing me to share my thoughts, and my poem on this very difficult topic with you, your friends, and your readers. This is a polarizing subject and many will not share or appreciate my point of view, nor will they be happy with the message in my poem… so be it!How do I write my poems; where do I get my inspirations from? … [Read more...]

Why I Love the Planned Parenthood Videos + Link Up #6

I've seen the videos..the information..the evidence.You have seen them also.There is no denying what has happened, still happening.  It cannot be denied what Planned Parenthood participates in by the information we now have.News reports have been out for years, articles of conspiracy and contradiction, portraying their agenda as wicked & … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger; Tammy Gerber + Link Up #5

Today my guest blogger is Tammy Gerber.  She is a great friend & writer who has inspired me for many years in my walk with Jesus.  Join her today as she tells about an event that happened in her life that she will never forget. Tammy can be contacted through her blog at You can also visit her facebook … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger s.a. Morgan #LookingUp

s.a. Morgan  Three Days; Risen + Link Up #4 My guest post for today comes from s.a. Morgan, an outstanding person of great feeling.  I ran into her through social media earlier this year and since then have been fan of her unique writings.  I hope you enjoy one of her newer pieces titled, "Three Days; Risen."  You can visit … [Read more...]

The Liebster Award + Link Up #3

I am very grateful to be nominated for the Liebster Award by Karen Sweeney-Ryall.  You can see her passion and love for Jesus at  www.becommingmybestme.comOn her blog she describes herself as,  "a devoted follower of Jesus and my prayer is that His light shines through me and His love flows through me to others."If you are looking … [Read more...]

Trading God for a lie + Link Up

If you take a quick look around you can see people everywhere falling away from God.It requires no special attention to come to that conclusion; it is plain, it is worldwide, it is everyday!Here are the series of events that take place when a person decides they no longer are interested in God or His offer of salvation. In Romans Chapter 1, God … [Read more...]

BabyWise Master Lists + LOOKING UP LINK-UP

This weeks post is very busy.  Not only is it a portion of the Baby Wise Friendly Network and their contributions on parenting; but it also is my first Looking Up Link-Up post.If you are a parent who enjoys taking your family on outings, I  hope you will find something useful in this post that will help with packing & planning.  … [Read more...]

40’s the New 30…The Big Lie!

This is the year.The dreaded year...the year of the BIG 40.That may sound a bit dramatic but it's been an impeding event in my life that has slowly crept toward me continuously with no delay.  Every birthday for the last several years I have forgotten how old I am.  Strange story but true.Each year I would say something like, "I'm gonna … [Read more...]

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