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Every day 22 Hoosier babies die on estimation.  It’s astonishing really that we have allowed such a thing for such a long time.  Since Roe vs. Wade millions of people have disappeared from life as they were terminated through the availability of abortion.

For years we have seen groups in Indiana try to regulate abortions.  Hoosiers for Life, however, is a genuine collaborative effort to bring an END to abortion in Indiana.

Small incremental steps, while having done some good, still have left millions of people to helplessly perish.  We want to magnify our efforts by inspiring and equipping Hoosiers to stand for Hoosier babies.  Every individual is worthy of living the life that is given to them.  Every individual should be entitled to safety, liberty, and freedom.  Every individual has the authority to preserve their life and not have it taken from them, especially the smallest and youngest among us.

Abortion has prospered for way too long.  An average of 22 Indiana children die daily in abortions.  These are lives that we can never get back.  Although valuable, their right to live is ripped away.  Life is undoubtedly an unalienable right and we tend to ensure that every Hoosier not only have the right to life, but the right to live!

We posture ourselves to stand against the culture, and stand firm in the gap for the daily victims of the abortion industry.   We will present strong legislation, pressure legislators, influence voters, continuously educate, and be a constant example for others who desire to end the killing of children.

We assume the biblical, philosophical, medical, and scientific wisdom that says an unborn baby is a baby from the moment of conception, created in the image of God.  Science has stated that life indeed does begin at fusion of egg and sperm; we simply agree.

Hoosiers for Life is dedicated to supporting legislation that protects ALL pre-born Hoosier children.  We take an uncompromising stance when defending innocent human life and will not accept a settlement of sparing some lives with the willingness to kill others.  We will accomplish this by mobilizing voters all across Indiana to insist that their representative and senator vote correctly in accordance to protecting all Hoosiers from abortion.

As a non-profit, non-partisan single issue advocacy organization we will fight relentlessly to ensure that the politicians of both parties support our strong legislation.  In addition, we will work to educate and inform pro-lifers all over the state about the politicians’ voting records.

Contact Hoosiers for Life at http://www.hoosiers4life.com or connect with us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/hoosierbabies

Email: hoosiersforlifeteam@gmail.com

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We encourage you to contact your Legislators personally.  Below is a sample letter along with email address for Indiana constituents to connect with Indiana lawmakers.


Dear ________________,

We urge you to pass the Protection at Conception.

Over 22 children are killed everyday in Indiana alone. As a nation we have far from protected the rights of the weak & innocent. This bill is the most pro-life bill every introduced, it will essentially save the lives of over 100% of children who otherwise would have been destroyed and rejected. We want our lawmakers to make a huge impact upon the future of our American existence and stop the murder of the preborn.

We encourage a pro-life hearing and vote!





Represenative  House Speaker Brian Bosma:  h88@in.gov

Senate Speaker David Long:  Senator.Long@iga.in.gov


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Representative Lloyd Arnold: h74@iga.in.gov

Representative Michael Aylesworth: h11@iga.in.gov

Representative Ron Bacon: h75@iga.in.gov

Representative Jim Baird: h44@iga.in.gov

Representative Greg Beumer h33@iga.in.gov

Representative Robert W. Behning h91@iga.in.gov

Representative Bruce Borders h45@iga.in.gov

Representative Mike Braun h63@iga.in.gov

Representative Timothy Brown h41@iga.in.gov

Representative Woody Burton h58@iga.in.gov

Representative Martin Carbaugh h81@iga.in.gov

Representative Bob Cherry h53@iga.in.gov

Representative Edward Clere h72@iga.in.gov

Representative Tony Cook h32@iga.in.gov

Representative Wesley Culver h49@iga.in.gov

Representative Steve Davisson h73@iga.in.gov

Representative Dale DeVon h5@iga.in.gov

Representative Sean Eberhart h57@iga.in.gov

Representative Sue Errington h34@iga.in.gov

Representative William Fine h12@iga.in.gov

Representative William C. Friend h23@iga.in.gov

Representative David N. Frizzell h93@iga.in.gov

Representative Randy Frye h67@iga.in.gov

Representative Douglas L. Gutwein h16@iga.in.gov

Representative Richard Hamm h56@iga.in.gov

Representative Timothy Harman h17@iga.in.gov

Representative Bob Heaton h46@iga.in.gov

Representative Todd Michael Huston h37@iga.in.gov

Representative Mike Karickhoff h30@iga.in.gov

Representative Cindy Kirchhofer h89@iga.in.gov

Representative Eric Allan Koch h65@iga.in.gov

Representative Don Lehe h25@iga.in.gov

Representative Matthew Lehman h79@iga.in.gov

Representative Dan Leonard h50@iga.in.gov

Representative Jim Lucas h69@iga.in.gov

Representative Kevin Mahan h31@iga.in.gov

Representative Peggy Mayfield h6@iga.in.gov

Representative Jud McMillin h68@iga.in.gov

Representative Wendy McNamara h76@iga.in.gov

Representative Douglas Miller h48@iga.in.gov

Representative Robert Morris h84@iga.in.gov

Representative Alan Morrison h43@iga.in.gov

Representative Sharon Negele h13@iga.in.gov

Representative Julie Olthoff h19@iga.in.gov

Representative David Ober h82@iga.in.gov

Representative John Price h47@iga.in.gov

Representative Rhonda Rhoads h70@iga.in.gov

Representative Kathy K. Richardson h29@iga.in.gov

Representative Thomas E. Saunders h54@iga.in.gov

Representative Donna Schaibley h24@iga.in.gov

Representative Harold Slager h15@iga.in.gov

Representative Ben Smaltz h52@iga.in.gov

Representative Milo Smith h59@iga.in.gov

Representative Edmond Soliday h4@iga.in.gov

Representative Mike Speedy h90@iga.in.gov

Representative Greg Steuerwald h40@iga.in.gov

Representative Holli Sullivan h78@iga.in.gov

Representative Jeff Thompson h28@iga.in.gov

Representative Jerry R. Torr h39@iga.in.gov

Representative Randolph Truitt h26@iga.in.gov

Representative Matt Ubelhor h62@iga.in.gov

Representative Heath VanNatter h38@iga.in.gov

Representative Thomas Washburne h64@iga.in.gov

Representative Tim Wesco h21@iga.in.gov

Representative David A. Wolkins h18@iga.in.gov

Representative Dennis Zent h51@iga.in.gov

Representative Cindy Ziemke h55@iga.in.gov

Senator Ronnie J. Alting s22@iga.in.gov

Senator Phil Boots s23@iga.in.gov

Senator Rodric Bray s37@iga.in.gov

Senator Jim Buck s21@iga.in.gov

Senator Ed Charbonneau s5@iga.in.gov

Senator Michael Crider s28@iga.in.gov

Senator Mike Delph s29@iga.in.gov

Senator Doug Eckerty s26@iga.in.gov

Senator Susan C. Glick s13@iga.in.gov

Senator Ron Grooms s46@iga.in.gov

Senator Randy Head s18@iga.in.gov

Senator Brandt Hershman s7@iga.in.gov

Senator Travis Holdman s19@iga.in.gov

Senator Luke Kenley s20@iga.in.gov

Senator Dennis Kruse s14@iga.in.gov

Senator Jean Leising s42@iga.in.gov

Senator James W. Merritt, Jr. s31@iga.in.gov

Senator Peter Miller s24@iga.in.gov

Senator Ryan Mishler s9@iga.in.gov

Senator Scott Schneider s30@iga.in.gov

Senator Jim Smith s45@iga.in.gov

Senator Brent Steele s44@iga.in.gov

Senator Jim Tomes s49@iga.in.gov

Senator Greg Walker s41@iga.in.gov

Senator Brent Waltz s36@iga.in.gov

Senator Carlin Yoder s12@iga.in.gov

Senator Michael Young s35@iga.in.gov

Senator Joseph C. Zapas s11@iga.in.gov

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