Book Review: Bible Basics, A Baby Believer Counting Primer

Book Review:  Bible Basics by Danielle Hitchen

If you know me well, you know I like children.

If you know me better, you know I like books.

When a good children’s book that I really enjoy comes my way, I keep it in my kids’ library forever.

Recently I was able to get a copy of a new book by Danielle Hitchen called Bible Basics, A Baby Believer Counting Primer.  This one I will have around in our family library for a very long time!

The book serves several purposes that I can use with my small boys during reading time.

First, this book is laid out nicely in 10 lessons.  It has ten thick board pages, each with the lesson number placed in the top corner of the left page.  It easily reminds my boys of their numbers and how far we are into the book…and how much longer we have to go until we get to the end.

Secondly,   the right side of each section is beautifully crafted to visualize each biblical truth.  While on the left there is more detailed information of the same subject.

For example:  In the 8th lesson the author is teaching about the Beatitudes.  On the left side of the book, the page contains the number eight and the lesson title.  It also drafts the details of the Beatitudes by listing in detail what they are and where they can be found.  This is great for my 5 year old who understands more.

On the opposite side the artist, Jessica Blanchard, creates a visual aid that makes reciting and memorizing the Beatitudes easier for younger children.  This is done in such a way that keeps my 3 yr old engaged and eager to see the next page.

All the pages of this book are displayed with colorful art and detail that make it easy to enjoy.

All in all, this is a well crafted piece that helps create the foundation for biblical growth and understanding while our children are able to absorb so much information.  It lays out essential truths including the basic building blocks of knowing who God is, who Jesus is, and the fundamental elements of the Christian faith.

By using the pictures along with the language of the bill, it increases the opportunity for children to learn quickly inside a fun creative atmosphere.  This book also poses great moments after each lesson for questions to be asked and answered.

The Bible Basics book is built well in physical and spiritual regard.  It will be a good resource for both parent and child in any home or school book collection.

**Thank you to the Blythe Daniel Agency for allowing me and my boys to enjoy and review this book 🙂


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Indiana Strongest Life Bill Has Been Filed

HB1134 Has Been Filed- Will Lawmakers Make Protecting The Unborn A Priority This Year?

Hoosiers for Life

That is the question of the year! In the months leading up to session, state leadership has not hesitated or been shy about telling us what they are focusing on this year in the 2017 legislative session.

The question is, what about what WE want the focus to be?

Each lawmaker represents thousands of conservative Hoosiers and outside of Indiana’s unborn, their voices are some of the most silenced in the state. The people of Indiana have watched for years the regulation of abortion, now is the time to do something more…now is the time to stop it once and for good, and state leadership says they want to focus on slowing down the smoking rate and raise taxes for road construction instead.


The session started yesterday and at 10am David Long announced his big agenda, and although he will tell you that it’s important to save the babies, he will not make it a priority this year.

Long said recently regarding Curt Nisly’s abortion bill… “Whether that has a chance of seeing daylight or not just depends on a lot of factors – the appetite of your caucus on whether you really want to talk about that,” 

The appetite of the caucus??

When did their agenda become more important then our agenda?

What about the appetite of the people?

Why doesn’t dying Hoosier children create a hunger for liberty in the caucus?

When are the people going to start to matter again?

When are we going to say WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH?

This will all change when the people demand to be heard!

You can’t just assume that your Senator and your Representative is representing you well. Don’t just assume that they remember you when they are doing the people’s business. We have to keep them accountable and remind them how we feel about things.

Do you know where your lawmaker stands on the Protection at Conception Bill? Do they give you the rhetoric of how “all life is important but…. state agenda, taxes, not the right time, the Supreme Court isn’t ready…” Or do they stand firm for the unborn and say that they will stand?

There are about 8400+ Hoosier babies that will otherwise die to abortion if these men and women don’t stand up and do the right thing! This time they use their abilities to stop it. This time there are no more excuses. This time we will see who is really pro-life and who just says it during election campaigns.

Let the revealing begin!


Hoosiers for Life Protection at Conception Bill

An Indianapolis newspaper said this recently:House Speaker Brian Bosma repeatedly emphasizes that his caucus won’t be focused on the potential abortion bill.

“You know, no bills have been filed in the House yet so who even knows if it’s going to be filed? As I said earlier today, my focus is going to be on infrastructure, a responsible budget, pre-kindergarten, some public safety issues – this is where our time is going to be focused,” Bosma says. House and Senate Democratic leaders urged their GOP colleagues to avoid such hot-button issues. (wfyi news)

Indiana voters know exactly what is happening here.
No one in Indy is going to listen unless we are the loudest thing that they hear! Please support our efforts and join us in this fight! While one child is worth all our efforts, 8400+ should make us stop everything and race to be the rescue!

Together we can save Hoosiers Babies,

Amy Schlichter Executive Director

For interview information for Curt Nisly or Hoosiers for Life, contact

8400+ Hoosiers Babies are murdered every year. Join us in the fight today!

We need volunteers.

We need donations.

Please sign the petition.


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