Loving God When Your Positives Turn to Negatives

My daughter-in-law & I were matching socks and having normal conversation.  We typically spend a day together throughout the week doing laundry, chasing kids, and catching up on the latest.  I asked her about her pregnancy a few times throughout the day and her response was minimal and lacked any enthusiasm.  If I would have … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger from the BabyWise Network; Shea Moses on Potty Training

  Please welcome our guest blogger, Shea Moses, as she gives insight on her experience with potty training.  She is a fellow BabyWise mom and comes to us from the BabyWise Friendly Blog Network.  Please visit her page to learn more about her passion for parenting and for the … [Read more...]

Lessons in Mushroom Hunting

(A favorite post from my archives) I went mushroom hunting the other day. As I was putting on my boots, I imagined great success in gathering them all up and frying them with a touch of butter & salt in the skillet. A few days ago we went with a group of our neighbors and scoured a huge woods in the the hopes of bringing home dinner.  … [Read more...]

Raised from the dead; a true story!

Once upon a time we had a litter of Great Dane puppies. Unfortunately we were careless and went on a outing for dinner from 5-9pm. We came home to our girl already in labor.  7 puppies lay dead.We thought she had another week until she was due, and so were were shocked and very upset that the puppies didn't survive.  She went on to … [Read more...]


There I was, I'm presuming innocent, sitting on top the toilet lid in our cold bathroom with a bar of Ivory hanging out of my mouth.  I remember thinking and maybe even saying out loud, "I like the taste of soap," with a nasty little grin, looking at my Mother as if her punishment would not stop me from saying whatever vile phrase that put me there … [Read more...]


Raising and loving a child with disabilities has been a blessing within my life as a Mom. When Liam was born we thought him to be a healthy little guy, but soon found out that he had much weighing against him in his near future. By a month old he was diagnosed with 22Q deletion.  It's a genetic syndrome that comes with many kinds of … [Read more...]

Good Mom vs. Bad Mom

Good Mom vs Bad Mom, I wish there wasn't such a thing but we all know she existsEvery night when we are getting ready for bed, we evaluate our day.Our feats & our failures race through our chalk-board like brains scribbling down all our stats.  We highlight each event and evaluate it's rating score.  Did it go well?  Was it a … [Read more...]


This is the centerpiece on our kitchen table.It is a hand-made, one of a kind, aluminum piece of artwork, personally created by my daughter, Ilana.For years I have watched her craft baby dolls out of toilet paper, make barbie clothes from masking tape, and put together stuffed animals by using a mixture of dodge balls, old socks, yarn, … [Read more...]

The snapshot of a man

This is my grandfather, a snapshot of a man in his prime of life.He was just living moment by moment like all of us are doing today..He had no idea that out of his children, he would have only one son that would be a intricate part of bringing his entire family to Jesus.That little boy never knew that when he got older he would meet this … [Read more...]

Getting back to the basics

Do you ever feel like you need to be reminded of  the basics?They are foundational to performing every task, the most known things but sometimes forgotton. For example, the basics of baking any recipe and creating something that tastes somewhat appetizing are...1. Measure.2. Use exact ingredients.3. Follow the directions.If you don't follow … [Read more...]

Running scared; Fixing our eyes on God and why it matters

I have been afraid many times in my life.From being a child and on into adulthood it has happened often.  It's always different scenarios but it contains the same emotion..fear.I was afraid of the dark as a child and it tormented me for years. I was afraid to make friends and lose friends in school.I was afraid growing up my parents would get … [Read more...]

Who He says you are…

For years the world labeled me as a women of infertility, hopelessness, and loss. I am grateful that I don't get my identity from the world or those in it, but rather by the Lord. Even though I battled for years of heartache and have many children I have yet to hold, the Lord has told me something different. He says that I have become a … [Read more...]

Falling from faith

Step 1 of falling from faith:Romans 1:21For although they knew God, they did not honor Him as God or give thanks to Him...When this happens there is a reaction from God. As man acts as though he no longer knows God, gives Him no credit or acknowledgment, and refuses to be thankful for God's great mercy & grace....God responds.Man continues … [Read more...]

Who’s your man of valor?

The standoff at the Battle of Elah must have been intense. With David approaching Goliath with a heart of courage & fervent love for his people, the moment was monumental. The men of Israel must have watched intently as the duel came into position. The common practice in ancient times to avoid high loss in war, was to offer a … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger/Poet, Samantha Morgan, shares insight into the infertility arena in poetic form

Today's guest blogger comes to you in poetic fashion.  s.a. Morgan has done several works that have moved my heart.  Shortly after we become online friends, she sent me this piece.  I am very excited about sharing it with my online community.  Her descriptions come in a beautiful form of art.Enjoy!The story behind the poem:I was … [Read more...]

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