Sweatbands & Stretches…getting geared up!

The Gym..Today's experience was another first timer.You have to understand that I have NEVER been athletic!The one time I tried to play basketball on a team, I took the ball down the court the wrong way...all the way, and missed the shot at the wrong basket.  Yikes!  It wasn't like I was nervous from the defense, because they were all … [Read more...]

Talented & Gifted

You are a person of many talents & gifts. Whatever you think your lacking doesn't even compare to what you really are.You are chosen.You are loved.You are wanted. You are free.These attributes are always available to you regardless of how much value you think you have.To Him, there is no one like you and never will be. … [Read more...]

Racing back to the One I tend to forget

O Seek me out,Force my surrender.Humble me face to face,Let me never be the same.Make my allegiance be Yours alone, and may I never desert You.Break me completely apart,Rip away my distractions & burn my idleness forever.Jan. 28th, 2014I'm not sure what was going on the day I wrote that in my journal, but I sure do recognize that cry of my … [Read more...]

Guest Blogger, Winter Lawson; How to lay aside our perfections and start being real with God

I am so honored and blessed that Amy has asked me to blog here! A little about who I am...I'm a wife of almost 15 years, a mom to two great kids, and a follower of Jesus who doesn't get it right as often as I would like, but I do always trust in His grace and love over my life. I blog over atmecoffeeandjesus.wordpress.com, I have recently … [Read more...]

Belly Moms Rock! Why I am blessed to be a part of 3 open adoptions

"Belly Moms" that's our family term for my kids' biological mothers.  I have 3 adopted children that we remain in "open" relationships with their belly moms.  This isn't something we ever contracted in writing; it was just something that we all naturally agreed to.People assume that all adoptions are the same; you put your name on a list, … [Read more...]

Trying to utilize your heart..without the sweat & tears

Joining the gym is a fantastic idea, that's what I told myself last week.  I mean, it's a great solution to weak muscles and a wonderful helper against the ever aging body. A little bit of sweat.A little bit of time.A little bit of effort.And we should be ready to tackle most anything.My free day pass at the gym was quite the eye-opener … [Read more...]

Dancing outside with a fistfull of weeds, well…not really.

This picture is of me, well...not really, but kinda.  It displays everything I am feeling right now as I sit here in silence. This is the first day is what feels like days upon days that my kids are able to go outside, by themselves, and play.  Granted, there is still snow on the ground, and they do have runny noses, but they … [Read more...]


I cannot capitalize the word OVERWHELMED big enough or make it as bold & defined as it feels in my life right now.  It came instantly when my plans turned a different course today.Just trucking along and then WHAM!  There it is, you spin around and end a bit dizzy.  You reach out to maintain some balance when you slip and fall … [Read more...]

Sisterly Love

This is my 3 year old SON!In his short time on earth he has currently played the role of every animal imaginable, a princess, baby, pirate, pioneer, queen & king, rock star, biblical characters, Indian, pilgrim, and the list goes on!On this day, he was Amish.Let me rephrase that, he was an Amish girl.As picture worth and cute that this was, I'm … [Read more...]


Recently we downsized our bed from a king to a queen. Everyone thought we were crazy to give up that much leg room; but I was ready for the change. Sleeping in a king bed gives you many luxuries; more room, extra pillows, & it's great for movie night as everyone piles into Mom & Dad's bed.  The problem with all of that is that our … [Read more...]

Are you kidding me

There is not many things cuter then goat kids. To those that are not accustomed to farm life; just take a look a this picture.I'm not kidding...(pun intended) They are stinking a-dor-a-ble!They are soft, friendly, and like little puppies.Last night, our doe had triplets! 3 beautiful babies all dried off and clean when we checked on her, standing … [Read more...]

Something needs to die

Have you ever been in a situation that created discomfort?Did the people around you lead you to believe that you are unwelcome or don't fit in?What about finding yourself in confrontation that was unexpected from someone unsuspecting? Have you ever realized later that you were the root cause of much of your turmoil?This is me.Many times I have … [Read more...]

Scare me!

I read this quote tonight in the pictures above and had to stop and think.For months..years..maybe my whole lifetime I have had a specific dream that I have failed to run after. I have used many excuses and resoning to thwart what I should be doing. I have told myself that it is futile, with no meaning, and will be made a mockery of. I have … [Read more...]

Forgiveness Fighters

Have you ever just wrestled with the past so much that it started to form your present days into disarray?  Maybe it was something you did to someone else that causes you great sadness; or most likely, what you may dwell on, is what offenses someone else has brought to you.Finding freedom from things that have been done against you may be one … [Read more...]

Why me?

  The "why me?" question has so many facets...its quite the favorite question of anyone who may be struggling with difficulty.  Why me? & Why not me? tends to be the famous pondering of women struggling with not being able to have children.  Here lately I have been analyzing our personal situation of 10 pregnancy losses, … [Read more...]

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