Pro-lifers help abortion agenda in Indiana


Does a fetus have the right to live? This is the big question when dealing with policy on the life issue. If you stand with the pro-abort community you would obviously say no. If you stand with the pro-life community you would tend to say yes… or would you?
A trend that happens among pro-lifers is the addition of these words into their vocabulary, “I am pro-life with exceptions.”

Most agree on the conservative side of the fence that life has value, that every person has the right to live, and that abortion is the greatest offence towards an individual in the womb.
However, many actively standing with the preborn are also saying that they have exceptions for such things as rape, incest, health of the mother, etc.

Why is this a big deal?

In an article that I recently read by a pro-death advocate, I realized why this is not only a huge insult to the pro-life effort but also a way to advance our oppositions agenda. How could having exceptions for such emotional cases such as rape, be a promotion towards the abortion industry?

It’s simple, the abortion supporters love pro-lifers that have exceptions to their moral compass. These exceptions tells them that you are willing to negotiate the lives of certain children depending on their conception circumstances.

What may seem like a good solid stance for a life advocate, now tells the opposition that you can say you are “pro-life” but there is a pocket of compromises you are willing to use, if a child’s circumstances fits into that criteria.

The writer states, “By compromising their ‘right to life’ in order to accommodate a women’s rights, they inadvertently acknowledge that women’s rights are more important than the ‘right to life’ of the fetus.”


While having exceptions to your pro-life stance may seem like a good place to plant your feet, you in turn are increasing the efforts of abortion and forming a stronger platform for them to continue butchering babies on the pretense that it’s a women’s right.

They love people with exceptions.  She states, “They are our biggest advocates for abortion.”

If you are currently a pro-lifer, I encourage to take an all or nothing stance. No child’s life should be negotiated or compromised because of the circumstances involved in their conception. If we believe that every person has the right to live, then that means you cannot support the allowance of abortion in some instances.

Your compromise has to stop and you have to take a stronger stance against the killing of children in order to make a difference in the lives of the pre-born. If not, this writer feels you may as well crawl over the fence and stand on the side of the abortion advocates and hold a pro-choice sign.
In Indiana we have many who say they are pro-life and many who compromise. I encourage you to re-evaluate your point of view on this issue and find the strongest position you can possibly take, and then stand there.
Join efforts with Hoosiers for Life as we introduce the strongest piece of pro-life legislation to ever be presented to the Indiana legislature. We are posturing ourselves to advocate for Hoosier babies with no exceptions and no compromise.


Sign our petition here stating All individuals have the right to live.
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The Scientism of Abortion


It’s obvious that the Hoosier state is not exempt from the catastrophic cost that is a direct result from Indiana abortions.

Last year the number hung steadily once again at over 8000 deaths. We have to often wonder how we got here and why many Hoosiers are not concerned about these dying people. A huge credit to our apathy can be given to something called, “perverted science.”

In 1940 Winston Churchill addressed the House of Commons giving responsibility to the heinous acts of Hitler’s regime to a term he called, “perverted science.” This is also more commonly known as Scientism. It is a term that describes the misuse of Science in order to do evil. It convinces the people of untruths.

True Science pursues truth wherever it leads, perverted science pursues what it wants in order to get the result that it desires, regardless if the truth gets snuffed out in the process.

We have been subjected to lies that has helped create the apathy in our state towards abortion. We owe it to our aborted Hoosiers to seek education and truth so that we can handle the issue correctly. The conversation that we are not having about the beginning of life has corrupted our view on the value of life.

Perverted science has told us that we have no precise facts on this topic. True Science tells us specific details that need to be considered when answering the question of when does life begin and when does it obtain value. Let’s take a look at the facts.

Fact 1: Science now says conception fulfills 4 criteria needed to establish biological life. They are metabolism, growth, reaction to stimuli and reproduction. This evidence tells us that at the moment of fusion of human sperm & egg, a new entity comes into existence which is distinctly human, indeed alive, and an individual organism- A living, and fully human being.

Fact 2: In April of this year the Telegraph reported this quote, “Life begins in a bright flash of light as sperm meets the egg, scientists have shown for the first time, capturing the astonishing fireworks on film. An explosion of sparks erupts from the egg at the moment of conception.”

It was discovered and documented that at the very moment of conception a flash of light illuminates. The bright flash occurs when sperm enters an egg as it leads to a surge of calcium which then triggers the release of zinc from the egg. As the zinc shoots out, it binds to small molecules which emit a fluorescence light which can be picked up by camera microscopes.

Over the last six years a team from Northwestern University has shown that zinc controls the decision to grow and change into a completely new genetic organism.

Fact 3: A human heartbeat is another aspect to consider. Even though it does not say when life begins, it does convey that life has begun. It is an indicator of an existing life. A preborn human’s heart begins beating richly as early as 18 days after conception. That is well before an average pregnancy is determined to exist by over the counter urine test.

Fact 4: The analysis of human DNA is also something to be observed when determining when life begins and its value. It is a scientific fact that an organism exists after conception that did not exist before conception. This new organism has its own DNA distinct from both the mother and father. This new creation can only be human. Each creature can only reproduce its own kind. A dog only can reproduce a dog, a cat can only reproduce a cat…etc. Therefore what is living inside of the woman’s womb can only be human.

With the strong argument that at conception a new creation has been formed with all the criteria of new life, while also containing separate DNA and having the ability to grow and reproduce, makes the discussion clear. This new human has human cells, distinct human codes, human genes, and is playing the part of human reproduction. It can be nothing other than a living human from the distinct moment of conception.

It only concludes that abortion is the act of killing living humans and killing living humans is an act called murder.
Are Hoosiers comfortable with laws that allow the killing of humans?

We know that Science has proven and urged us to put an end to the killing of Hoosier babies, but we still allow great room for compromise.

If we have considered and contemplated the true evidence of life, we must see abortion for what it really is and finally put a stop to it.

Hoosiers for Life is promoting the strongest pro-life bill ever to be filed in Indiana this year.  We ask that you connect with us at and also sign our petition here,  “Every individual has the Right to Live”


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