Let MY Children Go

Let my children go!

Moses is dipped out of the water, raised in an Egyptian family and later is on the run.

He leaves his people behind, scared of the demise that is awaiting him, because he earlier murdered a Egyptian slave driver.

And his people cry & die, and years go by.

One day Moe is taking a walk and sees a bush on fire.  From it comes words speaking to him, and because it’s an absolute remarkable experience, he knows that it is God.

The Lord’s voice bellows to Moses a command that he wants to reject.  The deal is that Moses would go back to Egypt and demand from the Pharaoh to let Moses’ family, the Israelite’s, go free.  Stop killing them, stop enslaving them, stop disregarding their lives, and let-them-go!

Did Moses say no?

He sure wanted to.  He said things like, “are you sure you want ME to go?…maybe you would like someone else, someone with better speaking skills?”  This infuriated the Lord, it says He burned with anger against Moses.  But he allowed patience and equipped Moses with what Mo thought he needed…a staff & his brother Aaron to help him out.

All Moses really needed was God.  God knew that.  Moses didn’t.

Many people are commissioned by God to go out and make a difference in life.  Few say yes, many say no.  He asks all sorts of people to do all sorts of things for His glory.

What if Moses would have said this instead:

“Uh…God, I really don’t think it’s the right time.  I mean this guy is really mean, let’s wait until we get a nicer Pharaoh in power and then maybe then we could approach him with some confidence…He’s just gonna say no.  I’ve been around these people and know how they work.  I have lots of experience with them and the system they have going on over there, they are never going to go for it!  If I ask, he most likely will make it harder on everyone there, might even undo anything my family has worked so hard for.  This is gonna make things harder, not better.  It’s an awful idea!  I think we should just wait for the right time and until then I can try to reason with him, maybe trying to get a few out, but all of them….that’s just not going to happen!”

It’s a good thing that Moe didn’t say that, but it’s common for us to reason with God in that sort of dialogue when we forget a simple truth…Pharaoh was not bigger than God.

For those that fight the good fight, don’t be discouraged when you are up against a giant.  God may ask you to go but He will be with you.  It wasn’t Moses’ staff that created the miracles that swayed Pharaoh to cave, it was God.  It wasn’t Aaron’s speech that helped the cause, it was the Creator who made Aaron to have a mouth and a voice.  It’s easy to look at things and inch our way towards our goals with caution.

Sometimes though, God will do something extraordinary and burn His words right through your heart…and the next thing you know, you will be standing in the high courts demanding,





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INDIANA HEARTBEAT BILL & The Secret Life of Janet Porter

Indiana Heartbeat Bill

Abortion has been legal now for 42 years. Even though Norma McCorvey (Jane Roe from Roe vs. Wade) has now devoted her life to the Pro-Life pursuit of stopping death, the law still stands.

Life goes on…for some. For others, they have no protection.  The once “safest place on earth” has become a replica of a bloody battlefront.  And many of us shake our heads and say with sad eyes, “It’s too bad, someone should do something.”

Someone is doing something

Her name is Janet Porter.  She’s an everyday average American who loves good food, great music, traveling, and rich conversation.  She lives in a somewhat secluded Ohio neighborhood enjoying the deer in her backyard and, while biting her tongue, raking the neighbors leaves off her grass.  She is a believer in Jesus Christ and all good things, she is open about her communication & relationship with the Lord and it appears that God has great favor on her.

Janet Porter has a secret life however.  Tucked away in her Ohio home she displays things that the general public may not know…may not see.

Janet is famous among people.  Google her name, you will find her easily.  She has been called lots of names, lots of things, she has been misinterpreted and attacked from every angle.  If you believed everything you read you would be misguided into thinking that this women is a trouble-maker and likes the public eye.

But that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Janet has stood in the gap for thousands of murdered children for the last 5 years in Ohio.  You would think people would applaud that, support her, and come-alongside such a great cause.  Unfortunately, instead many are mad because she chooses to fight against abortion.  This is something we see often in the world, and something I refuse to ever understand.  It’s an upside down place we live in.

Mrs. Porter has a authoritative voice when she talks about abortion.  Her wisdom and knowledge of this arena is beyond experience.  It is divine.  She has a small room in her home where she wars for these children through prayer…created well before the War Room movie was ever released.  For years, she has privately, spent thousands of hours in a secret place in her home pleading for the lives of children she has never known.  Her walls are filled with prayers, praise, and purpose.  She finds her direction in this place, her strategy…her peace, when it comes to fighting a fight that sometimes looks impossible.  It is here, that she is reminded, that the public does not get to define her.  

The secret life of Janet Porter starts early in the morning and sometimes continues into the late of night, petitioning for life.  Everyday she devotes her time, talent, & treasure to the Ohio Heartbeat Bill and seeing it pass through the Ohio courts.  Her dream of rescuing children is stronger now then ever before.  With teary eyes, she tells amazing stories from the journey…and then with expectation, she speaks of the coming victory.

This is someone who has decided do something.  She is in the trenches of a mighty battle.


Recently the state of Indiana has came across this trench, looked down inside, saw Janet, and hopped in alongside her.  The Indiana Heartbeat Bill will stop over 8,000 pre-born Hoosiers from being murdered every year.  We can potentially be the next state to introduce this bill and have it pass through the courts.

Hoosiers what to be different!  Hoosiers want to stand up for the right of all life!  Hoosiers care about Hoosier Babies!

I am honored to be a part of this great calling…

The biggest lie going around right now is that abortion is a political issue…it has never been a political issue, IT IS ONLY A MORAL ISSUE & ALL CHRISTIANS SHOULD BE INVOLVED IN THIS FIGHT.

Let’s be Defenders of Life!  If you walk across the battleground & look down into the trench, I will be there.  If I reach out my hand to you..will you hop inside with me??

Please “like” the Heartbeat Bill and support Indiana as we go forward.  We need defenders of the unborn to stand up in each state, your state could be next!

Share the IN Heartbeat Bill  http://www.facebook.com/hoosierbabies

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